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Jeffrey Machine
Jeffrey Machine, Inc. is a state of the art auger tooling manufacturer as well as a manufacturer of various other types of drilling tools. In addition to a full line general machine shop providing tool and die work, fabricated steel products and many types of hard surface welding.
Commonwealth Dodge
Commonwealth Dodge is one of Louisville’s newest auto dealerships and is dedicated to excellence in customer service. For more information and inventory visit their website at
U.S. Lube
U.S. Lube offers the latest technology in automotive chemicals and enhancers. All products are made in the USA. We are featured at retail outlets in the US, Canada, and Central America.
The Legendary Hatfield & McCoy Family Brand Jerky
John T. Hatfield and Big Jim McCoy of the two famous families finally came together to present their Legendary Hatfield & McCoy Family Brand Whiskey and Jerky Products.  The Legendary Hatfield & McCoy Family Brand’s line of beef jerky includes “Black Powder” Beef Jerky, which a nice blend of black pepper, sea salt, and teriyaki, and “Sweet Whiskey” which is which is marinated in Hatfield & McCoy Whiskey for 24 hours and is their most unique flavor. Two Bacon Jerky flavors include “Spicy Revenge”, an award-winning Sriracha-based flavor as well as the sweet and salty “Breakfast Maple”.
bubbaburgersmBUBBA Burger
After three generations in the beef business, Walter “Bubba” Eaves brings a great-tasting, easy-to- prepare burger to the quality conscious consumer. The Original BUBBA Burger® is made from only U.S.D.A. choice beef chuck. Envisioned years ago, the Bubba Burger® has become a tradition that gives you the great taste and texture of a fresh handmade burger with the convenience of a frozen one!
MoonPie® Moonshine
The Campbell family are 5th generation bakers of the iconic MoonPie®. In the early 1900s, Chattanooga Bakery’s MoonPie® debuted as the “workingman’s lunch” in the cole mines of Kentucky. Not far away, another famous family was making some of America’s best sour mash whiskey based on recipes dating back to the 1700’s. Now, Old Salem Spirits is proud to continue the collaboration originated by these 5th generation bakers and 7th generation whiskey makers. This special collection of MoonPie@ Spirits is the ultimate “workingman’s reward”.The Moonshine behind this label represents the marriage of two great Southern traditions – one taste and you, too, will be making wonderful new MoonPie® Memories!
PpbmlogossmBM Performance Products, Erson Cams & World Products
PBM, formerly Engine Parts Warehouse and established in 1964, is a company that started its racing business in the circle track world. As the growth of pulling has continued for the past several years, PBM is now being able to serve the pulling community with its products that can be shipped directly to shops and drivers. Products that PBM has includes connecting rods, crankshafts, fasteners, gaskets, oil pans, rocker arms and more. PBM also manufacturers many of its products.Erson Cams, also founded in 1964, has been a leader in racing including circle track, drag racing, and world speed records. Erson has been known as a company that’s products give the racer the horsepower they need, but also are very easy on the valve train components. Erson was bought by PBM in 2006 and is carry on the tradition that was started by in 1964. Erson also does custom cam work, and the turnaround time is the best in the industry. Parts include lifters, valve springs and much more.World Products was founded in 1987, and is known for their reliability in their engine blocks. World Products started by making high performance small blocks, but has grown to include big blocks as well. World’s blocks and heads are loaded with horsepower enhancing features that make them superior to OEM castings. World Products are made in the USA and use high strength iron alloys. A state of the art facility used high end CNC machines and their technicians are very experienced. Engine and cylinder heads are keep in stock to ensure customers across the United States for quick and easy delivery.
Truck AddonsTruck and Auto Extras -Truckaddons.com
Truckaddons.com established July 4, 1999 came online as one of the first sites to sell a full line of truck accessories. Truckaddons.com carries over 300 Manufacturers and over a one million parts and accessories for most year, make, model Ford, GM, Ram, Dodge, Nissan and Toyota trucks.  Truck And Auto Extras in Lexington, KY has a 13,000 sq ft show room floor stocked with common items such as Weather Tech Floor liners, Auto Vent Shade, Extang, Rugged Cover, Promax, UWS, DeeZee, Holley. Moroso, Diablo Sport, Hypertech, Sinister, B & D intakes and several other brands with installation also available
LiquiTube was founded in 1990, and its unique formula is like no other tire sealant. LiquiTube coats the inside of the tires and wheels to keep to air filled tires properly inflated for the life of the tire. LiquiTube will extend the life of your tire, increase your fuel economy, will eliminate tire repair costs, reduce tire damage from blowouts, as well as extending the retreadability of tire casings. Just think of the man hours saved by not having to repair tires!
rivercity1River City Truck Parts, Inc.
River City Truck Parts deals in heavy duty truck parts, including diesel engines, transmissions, oil pans, flywheel housings, crankshafts, ECM’s, exhaust manifolds and more. Our huge heavy duty truck parts inventory is unbeatable in terms of selection and price! Our Web site features online specials, a full-featured shopping cart for dealers to buy direct online, our instant demands listing and a hot list of great deals.
rjs-logoR.J.S. Racing Equipment
RJS Racing Equipment is a family-owned manufacturer of safety equipment for all types of racing, such as: Stock Car Racing, Indy Racing, Drag Racing, Off-Road, and more. RJS also manufactures safety equipment, restraints and accessories for the stunt industry, movie production studios, law enforcement, emergency responders, the military and aerospace industries. Established in 1959, RJS Racing Equipment has become an industry leader, with over 50 years of industry experience and the knowledge to innovate products to meet the needs of all types racing today.
Travis Coomer’s Black Gold Moonshine
From the heart of the Kentucky Oil Patch, where the first oil well was drilled in the United States, comes an American Original…Travis Coomer’s Black Gold Moonshine.  Travis Coomer’s Black Gold Moonshine was something made out of the art and appreciation of distilling. Only a select few of Travis’ friends were ever able to sample and enjoy the unique flavors, and now they are available for everyone to enjoy!
Faygo & Rip It Energy Fuel
Founded by the Feigenson brothers, immigrant bakers from Russia, Faygo began as the Feigenson Brothers Bottling Works on November 4, 1907. For more than 100 years, Faygo has developed several different types of soft drink beverages and a wide range of flavors including Detroit favorites, Redpop and Rock & Rye. The company has been part of the National Beverage family since 1987.
Diamond PistonsDiamond Pistons
Since 1968, Diamond Racing has been producing the highest quality racing parts around.  From the early 70’s Diamond has been concentrating on manufacturing forged pistons for the racing industry.  In the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s Diamond Racing was known for its championship winning engines and its custom forged racing pistons.  From the late 90’s to current day Diamond has solely dedicated itself to manufacturing forged pistons. With this being said, Diamond has updated all of its machinery so we can offer our customers the state of the industry in machining.  Along with this, Diamond has also expanded its shelf stock inventory to include hundreds of stocking part numbers. Most of these parts can be shipped on the same day. Diamond is dedicated to customer service and has a strong commitment to quality.
innovativeInnovative Mold & Machine
Innovative Mold and Machine is a full service machine shop and plastic injection molding facility. We do the hard 3, 4, and 5 axis work, along with long and short run production.
valcoValco Products
Valco Cincinnati’s growing line of products are offered to the consumer automotive market and high-performance racing industry. Valco’s Consumer Products division makes sealants, adhesives, cleaners, waxes, polishes and more.
EaglemedEagle Tractors
Eagle Tractors, based in Liberty, KY, has been in business for over 7 years. The Spears family, owners of Eagle Tractors, has been in the tractor business for 50 years, starting with Massey Ferguson in 1959. Eagle Tractors offers a line of tractors from 25 HP to 80 HP.


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