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2018 Tentative Battle of the Bluegrass Schedule
Classes Subject to Change

Click here for printable pdf.


April 28th – Cynthiana, KY
85LLPS, Street Diesel, MOD4X4, (6,000lb LT Hot Farm, 10,000lb Farm Stock non-sanctioned)

May 11th – New Castle, KY
(KITPA, mini trucks, Hot Street 4X4, 7&9 Farm Stock)

May 12th- New Castle, KY
Street Diesel, LLSS, HF, PS2, SS4

May 19th- Bardstown, KY
LLSS, SS2, HF, 2.5, 85LLPS

May 26th- Springfield, TN
(Jay Fuqua, Don Head Memorial Benefit Pull)
LLSS, 3.0, (non-sanctioned LSS, SM2WD)

June 1st- Carrollton, KY
LLSS, HF, SS2, 2.5

June 2nd- Burlington, KY
Street Diesel, 2.5, 3.0, Semi, LLSS, OSS, HF, 85LLPS, SS4

June 8th – Falmouth, KY
LLSS, SS4, 85LLPS, 3.0, Semi

June 9th- Richmond, KY
LLSS, Street Diesel, OSS, 85LLPS, 2.5

June 15th- Danville, KY
HF, SS4, LLSS, 2.5

June 16th- Danville, KY
LLSS, OSS, 85LLPS, 3.0, SS2

June 18th- Lawrenceburg, IN
LLSS, 85LLPS, Street Diesel, SS4, Antique Tractor

June 22nd- Corydon, IN

June 22nd- Osgood, IN
HF, Street Diesel, 2.5, SS4, 3.0

June 23rd- Osgood, IN
2.5, 3.0, LLSS, 85LLPS, Semi

June 29th- Paris, KY
Economy Hot Rod, Street Diesel, 85LLPS, SS4

June 30th- Paris, KY
LLSS, 3.0, OSS, 85LLPS, Semi

July 7th- Shelbyville, IN
LLSS, 85LLPS, MOD4X4, 3.0

July 7th- Lebanon, KY
HF, OSS, Semi, 2.5

July 12th- Madison, IN
Street Diesel, HF, 9000 Combo Tractor, 2.5, PS2

July 14th- Vevay, IN
3.0, MOD4X4, HF, OSS, PS2

July 14th- Charlestown, IN
LLSS, SS2, Antique Tractor, 2.5, 85LLPS

July 20th- Tollesboro, KY
Semi, PS2, 2.5

July 20th- Owensboro, KY
HF, LLSS, MOD 4X4, SS2, 3.0

July 20th- Independence, KY
2.5, 85LLPS, SS4, OSS, Street Diesel

July 21st- Owensboro, KY
HF, LLSS, SS2, 2.5, MOD 4X4, 9000 Combo Tractor

July 21st- Independence, KY
85LLPS, 3.0, Semi, SS4, OSS, Street Diesel

July 24th- Brandenburg, KY
LLSS, Pro Stock 4X4, HF, 3.0

July 24th- Osgood, IN

2.5, 9,000 Combo Tractor

July 26th- Owensville, OH
SS2, LLSS, Semi

July 27th- Falmouth, KY
85LLPS, Semi, LLSS, Street Diesel

July 28th- Williamstown, KY
HF, LLSS, 3.0, 85LLPS, Semi, OSS

Aug 2nd- Germantown, KY
OSS, LLSS, 85LLPS, Semi, 3.0

Aug 3rd- Williamstown, KY
PS2, SS4, Street Diesel, 2.5, 85LLPS

Aug 4th- Burlington, KY
3.0, Semi, LLSS, SS4, 85LLPS

Aug 18th- Shelbyville, KY
LLSS, 85LLPS, HF, 2.5, 3.0

Sept 1st- Grafton, WV
85LLPS, SS4, 2.5, Street Stock Semi, Pro Street Semi (non sanctioned LLSS National Schedule)

Sept 7th- Stanton, KY
SS4, PS2, 85LLPS, Street Diesel

Sept 8th- TBA

Sept 15th- Paducah, KY
LLSS, 85LLPS, 3.0, MOD4X4, HF, SS4

Sept 22nd- Corydon, IN
LLSS, HF, 2.5, Semi, Open Diesel 4X4 Trucks (8000lbs, DOT Tires, 26 inch hitch)

Sept 27th- Georgetown, OH

Sept 29th- Lebanon, KY
LLSS, HF, SS2, 2.5

Oct 6th- Richmond, KY
LLSS, OSS, SS2, 2.5, LLPS, Street Diesel, 3.0, Semi


LLSS- Light Limited Super Stock
HF- Hot Farm Tractor
85LLPS- Light Limited Pro Tractor (formally pro farm)
OSS- Outlaw Super Stock
Street Diesel- Street Diesel Truck
2.5- Pro Street Diesel Truck
3.0- Limited Pro Diesel Truck
MOD 4X4- Modified 4X4 Truck
SS4- Super Stock 4X4 Truck
SS2- Super Stock 2WD Truck
PS2- Pro Street 2WD Truck
9000 Combo Tractor- Lim Pro/Light Pro

Phone: (859) 991-8337