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Series Rules

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Please note:  The Battle of the Bluegrass is going to allow all Pro Stock 2WD Trucks to pull in the Super Stock 2WD class with an additional 100lbs of weight.   The weight for Super Stock 2WD Trucks is 5,800lbs.  The weight for Pro Stock 2WD Trucks is 5,900lbs.  Also note that Pro Stock 2WD Trucks cannot exceed 850CFM max carb size.  No dominator carbs allowed on Pro Stock 2WD Trucks.  If a Pro Stock 2WD Truck has a carb that exceeds the 850CFM max size, the truck will be treated as a Super Stock 2WD Truck.

Upcoming Events

Sat. Sept 9 Bardstown, KY
Fri. Sept 15 Stanton, KY
Sat. Sept 16 Scottsburg, IN
Sat. Sept 23 Lebanon, KY
Thu. Sept 28 Georgetown, OH
Sat. Sept 30 Grafton, WV
Sat. Oct 7 Williamstown, KY
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