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Current Point Standings

2017 Points

2017 points sheet thru Lawrenceburg (corrected) <<click here for PDF spreadsheet itemized per event

3.0 Pro Street Diesel Truck
Points Driver Vehicle Name
167 Mac Cottrell Cantankerous
142 Austin White [none]
100 Adam White O’Bryant Diesel
90 Austin Fulks Smooth Character
0 Matthew Sparkman Midnight Hooker
0 William Kerry [none]
10,000lb Hot Farm Tractors
Points Driver Vehicle Name
121 Levi/Laramy Thomas Wive’s Competition
119 Kenny Webb Johnny Reb
117 Brian Patton Black Harvester
117 Allen Powell Case of Chaos
105 Melvin Abbott Hillbilly Rocket
69 Todd Herrell [none]
65 Shawn Knopp Limit This
Super Stock 2WD Trucks
Points Driver Vehicle Name
75 Dustin Bentley Triple Threat
73 Michael Chesser Three Shades of Black
65 James Hardin  Cheatin Situation
63 Jim Hardin Moonshine Minnie
46 David Stevens Cold Steel
44 Steve Cobb Scrappy
42 Smitha, Ronald Just Plain Nasty
25 Steve/Travis Coomer Black Gold
0 Brian Stevens Shimmy Hemi
0 Kevin Wilson Dawg Gone
0 Nancy Wilson She’s Country
8500lb Pro Farm Tractor
Points Driver Vehicle Name
140 Keith Race Red Rattler
138 Byron Amburgey Bad for Business
136 Dylan Detwiler Never Satisfied
136 Justin LaFollette Red Rush
134 Bubby Race Perfect Storm
120 Justin Massie Old Red
44 Tyler McGowan A Drop of Red
0 Royce McGowan The Instigator
Light Limited Super Stock Tractors
Points Driver Vehicle Name
239 Brad Powell Cut Loose
237 David Burnett Out Numbered
231 Tim Hammons Unbridled
229 Kenny Powell Out 4 Revenge
220 Scott Thomas Til The Money Runs Out
220 Brent/Ethan Moore KY Sledhunter
194 Lindsay Moore Old Rags
136 Mark Filiatreau  Cancervive
36 Ralph Popp Green Attitude
34 Adam/Ethan Silverthorn Smokin Farmall
32 Ron Mitchell [none]
Work Stock/2.5 Diesel Trucks
Points Driver Vehicle Name
146 Jacob Lisby Daddy’s Ghost
134 Zack Glacken Maximum Effort
134 James Sandifur Homewrecker
94 Cory Clifton Dangerous After Dark
90 James Hager  High on Diesel
88 Doug Monroe [none]
80 Dwayne Allen II Dirtty Maxx
80 Jessie Roberts Hammer Down
0 Ben Stramer Track Marks
Pro Street Semi Trucks
Points Driver Vehicle Name
171 Darrel Fannin Green Hornet
165 Chris Kolb/T Stewerf Gettin Rowdy
157 D Thomas/Fannin/Stears Justified
157 Stears/Fannin Justified II 
96 Steven Lutmer Avocado Special
67 Kevin Stears OO7
0 Dennis Mitchell Justified III
Outlaw Super Stock Tractors
Points Driver Vehicle Name
148 M Savey/M Stewart Canadian Mist III
140 Zach Linville The Only Way I Know
134 John Dempsey Troublemaker
90 Chris Linville Old School
88 Tim Morris Brother’s Keeper
84 Thomas Morsey Chipmunk
46 Jeff Tackett Logan’s Run
Sportsman Series  
Pro Steet 2WD (new 2017)
Points Driver Vehicle Name
100 James Hardin High Voltage
96 B Hahn/M McIntosh Old Iron
88 Cody Chesser Goodbye Time AKA Southern Habit
88 L Funkhouser/C Miles/R Smitha/U Smitha 69 Chevy
46 T Burkhead/L Schwenker Who’s Cheatin Who
Street Stock Diesel
Points Driver Vehicle Name
240 Drew/Tom Slayback Slayback’s Diesel
236 Justin Anderson Side Step Express AKA Doubletake
228 Kevin Perkins Pretty In Pink
212 Dustin Sellers Murder C
210 Travis Dykes MPH Diesel
144 Ethan Prows Gray Area AKA Houdini
Upcoming Events
Sat. Jun 3 Williamstown, KY
Sat. Jun 10 Richmond, KY
Thu. Jun 15 Danville, KY
Sat. Jun 17 Danville, KY
Mon. Jun 19 Lawrenceburg, IN
Fri. June 23 Osgood, IN
Sat. June 24 Osgood, IN
Fri. June 30 Paris, KY
Sat. July 1 Paris, KY
Wed. July 5 Shelbyville, IN